Tygerberg Orchid Group "TOG"

Who is TOG

Tygerberg Orchid Group (TOG) was established in 1985. We are an Orchid Society active in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town Metropole area, in the Western Cape,  in South Africa.

The group aims to promote the interest and participation in propagation, culture and hybridization of all orchid genera, thereby elevating the standard and quality of the plants. We promote these ideals in the Tygerberg, Northern Suburbs area, in the Western Cape, by recruiting members, from any walk of life, who are interested in cultivating and growing orchids.

We share the knowledge we have about orchids with the members, by means of regular informative meetings, newsletters and an established  library where members borrow books free of charge.

We arrange shows, competitions and exhibitions of orchids and we ensure that accredited judging takes place and awards are granted.

We promote the conservation of local wild orchid species.

We are affiliated to the South African Orchid Council and are registered as a non-profit organization (Registration Number: 030-66O-NPO).

This website has been designed to provide all those interested with the necessary information concerning our Orchid Society, feedback about our monthly meetings and our bi-annual orchid shows.   


Sponsor a Page

All members should please consider sponsoring a page in the SAOC journal. Page sponsorship is only R100 per page. Contact Abraham.


New Orchid Found in the Cape

Hot off the press! A new species of Satyrium described by Timo Van der Niet in South African Journal of Botany, honouring the contribution of Bill Liltved to orchid biology in South Africa. Introducing Satyrium liltvedianum! Thanks to Craig Peter.

’n Nuwe wit orgideespesie met beetrooiblare wat water opvang, is in die Kogelberg-natuurreservaat ontdek.
Daar is sover bekend net 50 plante van die hele spesie in die natuur, sê dr. Timotheus van der Niet van die Universiteit van KwaZulu-Natal

TOG Monthly news letters, you may down-load and print a copy.

2016 Monthly News Letter

Nuusbrief Sept2016.pdf Nuusbrief Sept2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief August2016.pdf Nuusbrief August2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief July2016.pdf Nuusbrief July2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief June2016.pdf Nuusbrief June2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief May2016.pdf Nuusbrief May2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief April2016.pdf Nuusbrief April2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief Mar2016.pdf Nuusbrief Mar2016.pdf
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Nuusbrief Feb2016.pdf Nuusbrief Feb2016.pdf
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The rare Disa lugens flowers in summer amongst restios, Chondropetalum tectorum, on the Agulhas Plains, Western Cape, South Africa.


2013 News letters 

Nuusbrief 11Des13 (2).pdf Nuusbrief 11Des13 (2).pdf
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Nuusbrief 10Nov13.pdf Nuusbrief 10Nov13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 09Oct13.pdf Nuusbrief 09Oct13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 08Sep13.pdf Nuusbrief 08Sep13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 07Aug13.pdf Nuusbrief 07Aug13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 06Jul13.pdf Nuusbrief 06Jul13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 05Jun13.pdf Nuusbrief 05Jun13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 04May13.pdf Nuusbrief 04May13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 03Apr13.pdf Nuusbrief 03Apr13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 02Mrt13.pdf Nuusbrief 02Mrt13.pdf
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Nuusbrief 01JanFeb13.pdf Nuusbrief 01JanFeb13.pdf
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The Venus fly trap'

The venus fly trap.docx The venus fly trap.docx
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Carnivorous plants The Sarracenias

Carnivorous plants The Sarracenias.docx Carnivorous plants The Sarracenias.docx
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