Tygerberg Orchid Group "TOG"

All our results listed in the files below also see lists of plants and members who exhibited plants. 

 Autumn Show 2016. 

Show_Results_Autumn2016.pdf Show_Results_Autumn2016.pdf
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Spring Show 2015. 

Show_Results_Spring2015.pdf Show_Results_Spring2015.pdf
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Help was always on hand at our shows by members to the public. Abraham our President. 

 Our Next Show Dates to follow 

Please note that our shows dates included the first day of plant entries and judging.

Dates we are open to the public are:

TOG Spring Show

28 October to 30 October 2016 at Tygervalley Centre

Open and closing times will be comunicated at a later stage.

 Autumn Show 29 April - 2 May 2016 Photo`s


Spring Show 2015 Photo`s 

 Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Percy Olfsen

Grand Champion

 Vanda aurantiaca Abraham & Carine Vermeulen

Reserve Champion

Cattleya Alliance 

Cattleya Seagulls Mini-Cat Heaven

Lionel Scott

 South African Alliance

Polystachya pubescens

Anne Leonard

 Oncidium Opalescent 'Lavender Light'

Frik de Jager

Best Novice

Bulbophyllum echinolabium

Volkmar Schmidt

Exotic Alliance

 Cymbidium Alliance

Cymbidium Dancing Mother 'Kotone'

Duckitt Nursery

 Oncidium Alliance

Oncidium alexandrae 'Ice Age' x Oncidium Summer 'Inca'

Volkmar Schmidt

 Paphiopedilum Alliance

Paphiopedilum gratrixianum

Faan Krüger

Phragmipedium Alliance

Phragmipedium Rachel Kirk

Roy & Erica 

  Autumn Show 2014 Results 

 Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

Show_Results_Autumn2014.pdf Show_Results_Autumn2014.pdf
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 Grand Champion

Cattleya cernua 'April Jewel' -

Sheila Smith

 Reserve Champion

Paphiopedilum concolor var. hennisianum - 

Sheila Smith

 Best Dendrobium (All) 

Dendrobium Kuranda Classic 'Barana' - 

Lionel Scott

 Best Oncidium (All) 

Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester - 

Volkmar Schmidt

 Best Vanda (All) 

Vandachostylis Roll on Red - 

Lionel Scott

 Best Exotic 

Bulbophyllum arfakianum

Thelma Strydom

Best Novice 

Angraecum comorense

Alwyn van Jaarsveld


"Sharing our love for orchids with our kids"

Painting painted by grade 6 pupls of Welgemoed primary School. This is a pilot project we doing for our Spring show 2013 with the kids called "Sharing our love for orchids with our kids" We hope to include more schools next year.

The paintings of the scholars from Welgemoed Primary School, I also think it was one of our best shows. Once again thank you to Welgemoed Primary School for their participation in our show. I definitely know there is one or two artists that will make it in future. 

Champion`s Table 

Below are all our Spring show results, click to open.  

Show_Results_Spring_2013.pdf Show_Results_Spring_2013.pdf
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Spring Show 2013. 

 Grand Champion 

Thelma Strydom

 Paphiopedilum Onyx

 Reserve Champion 

Lionel Scott

 Cattleya Fire Magic ‘Solar Flare’

 Best Novice

Robyn Lamm

 Dendrobium speciosum

 Best Cymbidium

Wessel Strydom

 Cymbidium Pure Treasure

 Exotic Species

Abraham & Carine Vermeulen

 Coelogyne cristata


Winner of the school learner`s raffle with her paining. 

 Abraham presenting Welgemoed Primary School art class with a Cymbidium for their participation in our show.

 All our Autumn 2013 Show Results. click on the file below. Well done to all our members who showed their orchids. Start getting your orchids ready for our next show from 4-7  September 2013.

Show_Results_Autumn2013.pdf Show_Results_Autumn2013.pdf
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Type : pdf

Our next Show for 2013 

Lenteskou / Spring Show - 3 September  tot 7 September 2013. Open to the public  from 5th to 7th September 2013.

Documents required for the show attached below.

TOG_Show_Conditions_2013_Spring_Member.pdf TOG_Show_Conditions_2013_Spring_Member.pdf
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TOG_Show_Schedule_2013_Members.pdf TOG_Show_Schedule_2013_Members.pdf
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TOG_Show_Entry_Form_Spring2013.xls TOG_Show_Entry_Form_Spring2013.xls
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TOG Autumn Show 2013 

 Show Champion 

 Rlc. Kure Beach

'Lenette's #2'

 Abraham & Carine Vermeulen

  Reseve Champion

 Cattleya cernua

Sheila Smith

Show Champion 

 Elythranthera brunonis--  Jim Holmes

 Reseve Champion

 Cymbidium Sarah Jean 'The Bride' - Charles Fortuin

 Best Cattleya Alliance

 Rhyncholaeliocattleya Sea Swirl 'Whirlpool' - Lionel Scott

Best Cymbidium Alliance

 Cymbidium Sarah Jean 'The Bride' - Charles Fortuin

Best Dendrobium Alliance

 Dendrobium Easter Parade 'Fire Dragon' - Volkmar Schmidt

Best Oncidium Alliance

 Oncidesa Copper Falls 'Mishigan' - Roy &Erica Swart

Best Paphiopedilum Alliance

 Paphiopedilum Double Delight  - Roy & Erica Swart

 Best Exotic Genera

  Elythranthera brunonis -  Jim Holmes

Best South African Genera

 Bartlolina burmanniana - Jim Holmes

Best African & Mascarene 

 Angraecum eburneum - Koos Potgieter

Best Novie 

 Paph gratrixianum-- Michael Ford


Dendrobuim Robbie Mc Innes (Apos x Windy)--Walter Kurth

 Lycaste Red Jewel-- Walter Kurth

 Bulbophyllum orientale-- Volkmar Schmidt

 Dendrobium Gillieston Gold 'Natalie'--Walter Kurth

 Stenorrhynchos speciosum-- Volkmar Schmidt

 Rhyncholaelia glauca--Jonathan & Mary Dennis

 Coelogyne cristata-- Abraham & Carine Vermeulen

 Disa spathulata-- Jim Holmes

 Dracula lotax- Walter Kurth


Click On The Link Bellow For Our Spring Show Results 2012 

Show_Results_Spring2012.pdf Show_Results_Spring2012.pdf
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TOG_Show_Conditions_2012_Member new.pdf TOG_Show_Conditions_2012_Member new.pdf
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March Show 2011 

Show Champion 

September Show 2011 

Show Champion